Private Cloud Solution

NextArray's new Private Cloud solution is built to give clients the ability to host lease chunks of private cloud from our Openstack pool. This will allow you to build your own VPS packages to either resell or use for internal solutions. Take advantage of your own private cloud with out the headache of building and managing one. Let NextArray manage your private cloud for you. Contact us today for more information.


Private Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud Pricing That Makes Sense: Flexible and Predictable
Our Private cloud allows you to custom configure your own packages and develop your
personalized setup to match your VPS needs.

Private Cloud / OpenStack / Ceph

$ 95.99 /per month
16 vCPU
512GB Full SSD Storage
300TB/mo. on1Gbps Uplink
10 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support


$ 479.99 /per month
80 vCPU
3TB Full SSD Storage
2800TB/mo. on1Gbps Uplink
75 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support


$ 199.99 /per month
32 vCPU
1TB Full SSD Storage
300TB/mo. on 1Gbps Uplink
25 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support


$ 769.99 /per month
96 vCPU
4TB Full SSD Storage
2800TB/mo. on 1Gbps Uplink
90 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support


$ 399.99 /per month
64 vCPU
2TB Full SSD Storage
300TB/mo. on 1Gbps Uplink
55 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support


$ 1,599.99 /per month
128 vCPU
5TB Full SSD Storage
2800TB/mo. on 1Gbps Uplink
110 IPv4 Addresses
24/7 Support

OpenStack Features / Options

Compute Node

Our current environment has 376 physical cores and over 3TB of active RAM available. This allows us to provide large amounts of VPS's quickly.

Ceph Storage

Our Ceph environment was built for speed while focusing on not breaking the bank. We have over 60TB of active Storage available and allows for 150MB/s to 600MB/s across our ceph cluster.


Our Ceph storage was built with 40Gbps uplink across each storage node. We also, put dual 10Gbps ports on each of our compute nodes allowing us to maximize our entire environment.

Deployment / Expanding

One main reason we went with Ceph and Openstack was the ability for clients to expand as they needed and the ability to grow with your needs.

Resell VPS's / Private Packages

Our Private cloud is build so you can order, build packages and start leasing on your site. Don't bother with standing up your own servers and hosting clients data on a single node. Check our our Openstack/Ceph private projects with full redundant deployments.

Full Private Environments?

Are you looking to build a private Openstack/Ceph environment for your business? Contact us today and let us help you get started. Our team is ready to help you dump your current physical setup and stop managing hardware for your company. Let NextArray build, deploy and manage it for you.

Hosting Features For Your Big Ideas

Our Features


24/7 Expert Support


Quick Launch Services


Storage As Needed


Built In HA


100Gbps Bandwidth +


Scablable CPU/RAM/Storage

line-chart (1)

Smooth scaling


Control Panel


Fast SSD Storage

Optimized for the most popular applications!

Enterprise-Class Service


24/7 Expert Support

Get support when you need it. Our team is ready 24/7 to help with your needs and guide you in anyway needed.


Application Ready

Need a VPS to host your website or other applications? No worries at all, Come ask how NextArray can take you to the next level.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Looking for the most bandwidth possible off your VPS? We can provide up to 10Gbps per VPS if needed. We can also spin up private nodes on our network just for your company.


Reseller Options Available

Looking to resell our Openstack environment? Not a problem! We built our pricing to be competitive with anyone in the market.


Network / Ceph

Our backend storage is built using Ceph and a 40Gbps backend network. This allows for the most throughput possible off each SSD drive.

server (5)

Fast SSD Storage

Our storage environment is built on full SSD Storage. We built Ceph so you and your company get the most out of each SSD we use.