Fast & reliable SSD Powered by OpenVZ 7 VPS with FREE DDoS Protection and 24x7 Support.

Starting at $15/year.


With an OpenVZ 7 VPS you get full root control. Our OpenVZ supports the most popular Linux operating systems. We currently have CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Scientific Linux, SUSE, and Ubuntu available. Other Linux operating systems may be made available. All of our host servers are run from our bonded 10 Gbps network and provides 100 MB/s + of possible data transfer rates. With our powerful GUI control panel, you can reboot, shutdown and even rebuild your server. We do offer optional weekly backup solution.

vCPU RAM Storage IPv4 Bandwidth Price
1 256Mb 10Gb 1 1 Tb @1 Gbps $15/yr Order Now
1 512Mb 15Gb 1 2 Tb @1 Gbps $20/yr Order Now
1 1.5 Gb 30Gb 1 2.5 Tb @1 Gbps $2.50/mo Order Now
2 2 GB 40 GB 1 3 Tb @1 Gbps $4.99/mo Order Now
2 4 GB 60Gb 1 4 Tb @1 Gbps $8.99/mo Order Now
2 6 GB 80 GB 1 5 Tb @1 Gbps $12.99/mo Order Now
2 8 GB 100 GB 1 6Tb @1 Gbps $15.99/mo Order Now
3 16 GB 150 GB 2 10 Tb @1 Gbps $34.99/mo Order Now

Full Root Access

All of our VPS comes with full root/administrator access.

Powerful Control Panel

We offer powerful web based GUI control panel.

DDoS Protection

All of our services include FREE DDoS protection.

Fast SSD Arrays

Experience fast r/w speed with our raid 10 SSD arrays.

Instant Setup

Our VPS services are instantly provisioned after the first payment.

Premium network

Our network consists of a multi-blended system utilizing some of the top bandwidth providers. You can choose up to 10 Gbps.

Amazing support

Customer support is available 24/7 via our ticketing system & live chat.

Fuse/Tun Support

Our Servers support fuse, TUN/TAP modules.

Awesome Image

We offer web based VPS Control Panel using which a user can manage VPS with a single click.

Pre-made OS Templates/Upload your own ISO

Realtime Statistics/Automated Backups

HTML5 VNC Client/Rescue Mode Available

Reboot/Reload/Stop your server

Available Operating Systems


What control panel do you offer for VPS management?

We offer Virtulizor control panel. You can manage your server right from your client portal area.

How much are extra IP’s?

We charge $1 per IP.

I don’t see the specification I am looking for.

You can always contact our sales team. Submit a ticket here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Cards, Bitcoin.

Do you offer DDoS protection?

Yes, We offer free DDoS protection on all our products in Dallas Infomart location

Where are your servers located?

Dallas (Infomart), TX.

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