NextArray Cloud

Nextarray make use of the latest cloud technologies – Kubernetes, OpenStack and VMware, and tailor-made them to give your IT infrastructure maximum advantage.

World-Class Nextarray Cloud

Our virtualization network is built for high performance and reliability. All of our host servers are run from our bonded 10 Gbps network and provides 100 MB/s + of possible data transfer rates. Our NVMe VPS’s reach Read/Write Speeds of 2,500MB/s.

    This bonded network also provides redundancy network connections for your virtual machines. We also use nothing but enterprise-grade NVMe drives across our entire network. We also can provide off-site backup solutions for your VM’s.


We offer fully customized and managed nextgen cloud solutions and expertise using the following Core Technologies:.



All of our VPS comes with full root/administrator access.



We offer powerful web based GUI control panel.



All of our services include FREE DDoS protection.



Experience fast r/w speed with our NVMe Drives.


Public Cloud

A public cloud is a pool of computing resources shared between multiple clients.  Clients pay only for the amount of computing resources they use, and those resources are virtually unlimited at any given time when they are highly needed.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid architectures take advantage of the unlimited scaling and cost-effectiveness of a public cloud while providing the data security of a private cloud by combining a public cloud and a private cloud together.  Clients pay a monthly fee for the private cloud component plus utilization of the public cloud.


             Private Cloud

A private cloud is a pool of computing resources dedicated to the client.  Clients pay a monthly fee, regardless of utilization, but have access to a private, secure environment that also has the power to scale and protect their most demanding applications.


             Multi Cloud

Multi-cloud architectures are comprised of clouds from multiple vendors and can involve the orchestration (or non-orchestration) of any combination of public and private clouds.  Managing multiple vendors is more complex but mitigates vendor-lock in.

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