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NextArray wanted to provider a small look into our network and how it's setup. This page will show the devices and show the level that we have decided to go to help take things to a new level. We offer everything from 1Gbps up to multiple 100Gbps connections. Don't worry about being charged high prices for DIA bandwidth.
We offer both IPv4 and IPv6, with bring-your-own-IP not only allowed, but encouraged on bigger deployments. BGP sessions can be provided as well as a simplified announcement under our own ASN - AS33696. Our main transit providers are: Hurricane Electric Gigabit Communications (providing access to Level3) DediPath (providing access to INAP) This assortment of providers allows us to optimize connections to Asia, Europe and many other specific locations. Message our team to get a quote on a personalized network solution today!

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Network features your business needs...

Why our network?


Large Bandwidth Circuits


Multiple Providers


Enterprise Level Switches


Multi-Blended Circuits


Cost Savings


+20 Datacenters


Cheap DIA Providers

Network Pricing

Perfect Colocation Services and Specs
Our Colocation services are hosted out of only Tier IV Data Centers such as the Dallas Infomart location. Our high physical security facilities are prime for everything from PCI, HIPPA and day to day colocation services. We offer everything from 1U colocation to 47U full cabinets. We also offer caged environments for those high security needs.


1Gbps (HE or GigaBit)

1 x 1Gbps SFP+ hand-off
Dedicated 1Gbps
10Gbps Uplink
No Cross Connect Fees


100Gbps (HE or GigaBit)

1 x 100Gbps QSFP hand-off
100Gbps Unmetered
Dedicated 100Gbps
No Cross Connect Fees


10Gbps (HE or GigaBit)

1 x 10Gbps SFP+ hand-off
10Gbps Unmetered
Dedicated 10Gbps
No Cross Connect Fees

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dallas colocation


dallas dedicated servers


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Perfect Hardware and Services for your company

Our Features

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Bandwidth Providers

Our circuits are built on a multi-blended system utilizing some of the top bandwidth providers anywhere. Including but not limited to Cogent, Telia, Verizon, NTT, Comcast, Level3 (Lumen) and ATT. This allows us to provide you and your company with 100% uptime and some of the best routes out there. If you are with a provider that only carries (2) providers then you should consider colocating with us and avoid the chance of downtime.


Juniper Switches

We decided to stop using single switches for top of rack and put in a end of row switch. These devices are Juniper EX8208's giving us the ability to offer higher level netowrking and services needed by our clients. This also allows us to have a higher level of redundancy across our netowrk. Nothing like having the ability to offer clients multiple 10Gbps + from the end of row device. Contact us today for more information.


24/7 Friendly Support

Our staff is 100% live, No bots or AI's here at NextArray. Have a question? Jump on our live chat and ask away. Our professional team will spend as much time as needed to make sure you are properly taken care of. Sick of finding a site you like or just wanting pricing and they make you submit an email then wait for a quote? Not here, Our team will work as quickly as possible to give you on the spot pricing.


Bandwidth / Speeds

1Gbps/20Gbps/10Gbps/40Gbps or 100Gbps
Are you tired of “shared” bandwidth and other bandwidth options? Are you tired of paying for an upgraded circuit but only get 500Mbps over a 1Gbps circuit? Contact us today for our true unmetered or DIA bandwidth today! We offer DIA from 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 20Gbps, 40Gbps up to 100Gbps. If you’re looking to have the fastest service possible for your clients let us know the speed you need and we can provide it to you today. Contact our sales team now for your personal services.


Power / Circuits - Free PDU's

Our Colocation customers have the options of 120v or 208v along with 20amp to 30amp options. We also work closely with clients if they need more Amps and or if they are hosting 1U – 10U worth of space you may need more power or you have a 4U server that needs 8Amps. Also, All of our Full and Half cabinets come with free PDU’s. No matter the need you have a home here with us, Contact today for personal pricing.


Data Center Physical Security

We host from all Tier IV data centers, This gives us the ability to provide the highest level of security and safety for our client’s data and hardware. Our Dallas Infomart location has some of the tightest security around. Secure key cards, 24 x 7 onsite security staff, biometric readers, and control list. Each of our cabinets has a 3 PIN security code personalized for each client. This security ensures that you and your data are secured.