Nextarray's next generation Hybrid Baremetal Servers!

NextArray’s new Hybrid host servers are the perfect mix of VPS and Dedicated Servers. We’ve brought these two together so that you have the feel of a Dedicated Server but the flexibility of a VPS. We have also taken it to the next level and added a dedicated NVMe SSD’s for each of our Hybrid server users, No more sharing. Not only did we make your Hybrid servers faster we added "Free" DDoS on top of this. Now you can host without worry. Also, looking for backups as well. We now can provide 100GB of storage for only $0.75/per month. Contact us today to see how!

Starting at $24.99/monthly

Hybrid Servers - DDoS Protected Hybrid server with instant activation

Server CPU Storage RAM Bandwidth Pricing
Hybrid_1 4 vCPU 256GB NVMe 4GB RAM 10 TB @1Gbit $24.99/mo. Order Now
Hybrid_2 4 vCPU 500GB NVMe 8GB RAM 20 TB @1Gbit $44.99/mo. Order Now
Hybrid_3 6 vCPU 1TB NVMe 16GB RAM 30 TB @1Gbit $59.99/mo. Order Now
Hybrid_4 6 vCPU 1TB NVMe 32GB RAM 30 TB @1Gbit $79.99/mo. Order Now
Hybrid_5 8 vCPU 2TB NVMe 48GB RAM 30 TB @1Gbit $99.99/mo. Order Now

24×7 support

Our customer support is available 24/7 via our ticketing system & live chat. Our knowledge base contains various articles to help you.

Setup time

Our pre-configured servers are set up within 4-5 hours while custom servers can take up to 2-3 business days to be set up.

DDoS Protection

Our extensive and deeply peered global network acts as the first line of defence with DDoS countermeasures integrated directly into the network to stop attacks faster.

Premium network

Our network consists of a multi-blended system utilizing some of the top bandwidth providers. You can choose up to 10 Gbps.

Awesome Image

We offer web based Control Panel using which a user can manage their hybrid servers

Reboot/Reload/Stop your server

Realtime Statistics

HTML5 VNC Client/Rescue Mode Available

Available Operating Systems


Can I upgrade the server hard drive and RAM?

Sure. Just submit a ticket to our sales department.

Where is the server located?

Dallas (Infomart), Texas.

Can you install my favorite Linux/BSD distribution?

We offer wide range of operating system. If you want to install your own os, we can sure do it for you.

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