Hardware Reclaim / Abandonment


NextArray’s policy on abandonment and reclaim terms is simple. We reserve the to claim abandoned hardware at any of our facilities in which clients have failed to respond to our email and have no payments of 6 months. After 2 months of no payments, the client’s hardware will be terminated and removed from the network. From there, our team will then place that hardware in our storage facility or it will remain racked. After 4 months of no payments or communication on how the client has started making payments, NextArray reserves the right to claim the hardware as Abandoned and is now the property of NextArray LLC. Below lays out these steps for abandoned hardware.

1.) No payment of 2 months on invoices and no communication with client of payment. The said server/hardware will be null-routed or disconnected from our network and the server/device will be powered off.

2.) NextArray will place the server/device in our storage facility and or leave it in a location for storage for no longer than 2 months.

3.) After 4 months of no payment or payment arrangements in the form of an email or ticket the server/devices become the property of NextArray LLC. And then the client has no rights to said server/device.