Colocation in Denver, Colorado.

This new addition to the NextArray list of locations is bringing us the ability to cover almost all major markets in the United States. If you need Colocation, Dedicated Servers or even Virtual Private Servers we have you covered. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Contact our sales team today!

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Denver Colocation Packages.

Enterprise colocation in Denver. Fully customizable colocation with excellent network connectivity.

Space Transit Power IPV4 DDoS Protection Pricing Order
1U 100 Mbps 1AMP 120V /29 20 Gbps $55/mo Order Now
2U 100 Mbps 2AMPs 120V /29 20 Gbps $75/mo Order Now
10U 100 Mbps 10AMPs 120V /27 20 Gbps $300/mo Order Now
20U 100 Mbps 20AMPs 120V /26 20 Gbps $500/mo Order Now
Full Rack (47U) 100 Mbps 20AMPs A+B 120V (16A Usable) /26 20 Gbps $850/mo Order Now
Full Rack (47U) 100 Mbps 30AMPs A+B 120V (24A Usable) /26 20 Gbps $950/mo Order Now


Our facilities are physically managed 24/7 with strict access requirements possibl

DC Access

Personal Access Card Available with Half and Full Rack packages.

KVMoIP Available

KVMoIP available on demand. Just submit a ticket and request.

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Colocation Features

The below is a list features that our colocation packages offer. If you are looking for these features please create a ticket with our support team or contact our sales team.

  • Data Centers
  • On-site fuel storage
  • On-site backup generators
  • Tier IV Data Center
  • Remotely Monitored Video Surveillance
  • 24x7 On-site Security
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Network
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Over 1Tbps of Internet Connectivity
  • 1Gbps Port Upgradable to 10Gbps
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • /64 IPv6 (On Request)
  • Additional Features
  • Affordable Bandwidth Options
  • Rack and Stack Services Offered
  • Low Cost Cross connects
  • Carrier Neutral Data Centers with Several Transit Providers
  • De-rack and packing - $150 per server + shipping cost
  • Remote Hands - 1. 60 min. during business hours (billed on 15 min. increments) - $150/hr & 60 min. outside business hours (billed on 15 min. increments) - $150/hr

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